The Opal Lotus

Hand crafted candles, melts, and more! Here at The Opal Lotus we use high quality coconut wax with wood wicks to create a long lasting burn. A candle that will fill your room with fragrance every time!

Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I own The Opal Lotus. I hand make everything that goes into my products - even down to my care cards!

I am obsessed with keeping my home smelling fresh, however I struggled to find a candle that impressed me. Too strong, not strong enough, burned too fast, lost fragrance too fast, full of harmful toxins - the list goes on and on. So I spent months formulating a candle after my own heart. One that burns slow, could fill a room with fragrance, and never lose its heat throw. Once I finally produce a product I was proud of, my family and friends encouraged me to open The Opal Lotus and here we are! My brand is continuing to grow, and I'll hope you'll tag along for the ride as I venture into more than just candles. 

- Stephanie

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